Claims Administration Experts Establish New Antitrust Class Action Settlement Recovery Firm

Jon Orr and Frederick Brown Launch CAC Recovery LLC to Help Companies Recover Antitrust Class Action Damages.

TAMPA, Fla., June 2, 2014 – PRNewswire

Every year, thousands of large companies fail to recover antitrust class action claims because they are too busy to file them or are unaware of potential claims to which they may be entitled. Claims administration experts Jon Orr and Frederick Brown have established a new firm – Class Action Claims Recovery (CAC Recovery LLC) – to help such companies identify and recover these claims.

“Antitrust laws were created by the U.S. Department of Justice to protect economic freedom and opportunity by promoting fair and free competition in the marketplace,” commented Jon Orr, CAC Recovery’s co-founder and chief executive officer. “At CAC Recovery, we fulfill the spirit of these laws by helping companies uncover potential antitrust class action claims and by streamlining the process of pursuing them.”

CAC Recovery’s founders created the company’s business model to elevate the level of client service and expertise that is typically available to companies as they navigate the challenging process of antitrust class action claims filing and administration. With backgrounds in class action claims management, law, accounting and finance, CAC Recovery’s team of professionals manages the entire process – from claims verification to claims resolution – based on a contingency fee that is only paid upon any monetary recovery related to the claim.

“Traditionally, class action claims filing and administration can be a confusing and complex transaction, even for larger enterprises,” added Fred Brown, co-founder and chief operating officer of CAC Recovery. “Our operational model and processes are designed to ensure efficiency and accuracy every step of the way.”

About CAC Recovery LLC
Based in Naperville, IL, Class Action Claims Recovery (CAC Recovery),, is a class action settlement firm that educates and empowers businesses to recover their claims within class action antitrust settlements. Established in 2013 by class action claims experts Jon Orr and Frederick Brown, CAC Recovery brings a responsive, client-focused approach to the time-consuming and complex process of antitrust class action claims filing and administration.