Platinum/Palladium Commodities Litigation Settlement

Eligible Class Members:

The Court has certified, for purposes of settlement only, the Futures Class, defined as: All Persons that purchased or sold a NYMEX platinum futures contract or a NYMEX palladium futures contract during the period from June 1, 2006 through April 29, 2010, inclusive. Excluded from the Futures Class are (i) the Settling Defendants, MF Global, Inc., any co-conspirators alleged in the Complaint or any subsequent amended complaint filed prior to the Exclusion Bar Date, Alan Craig Kleinstein, Dominick Frank Terrone, Richard Peter Trifoglio Sr., Frederick Charles Ferriola, Peter Michael Venus, Lawrence Frasca Favuzza, and John Anthony Sakulich and any NYMEX floor brokers or NYMEX floor traders who refuse to execute the certification in the Proof of Claim attesting that they were not co- conspirators, or aiders or abettors of the Settling Defendants or Non-Settling Defendants, and (ii) Opt Outs.

Case History:

The Futures Plaintiffs allege that the Settling Defendants, non-settling defendant MF Global, Inc. and other persons engaged in unlawful or actionable conduct between June 1, 2006 and May 21, 2008, which allegedly continued to have artificial impact on prices after May 21, 2008. This includes allegations that, between at least October 17, 2007 and June 6, 2008, certain of such persons combined, conspired, and agreed to manipulate the prices of NYMEX platinum futures contracts and NYMEX palladium futures contracts in violation of the CEA and Sherman Act. They allegedly did so by multiple steps. These include by allegedly repeatedly overpaying to purchase NYMEX platinum futures contracts and NYMEX palladium futures contracts during the end of the trading day. The Futures Plaintiffs also allege that Defendant Welsh negligently breached duties and is liable for negligence. The Futures Plaintiffs contend that the foregoing conduct caused them and others similarly situated to pay artificial prices in order to purchase NYMEX platinum futures contracts and NYMEX palladium futures contracts.

Absent a settlement, the Settling Defendants would continue to vigorously oppose each and every aspect of the Futures Plaintiffs’ claims and alleged damages. Except to the extent provided for in the Settlement Agreement and the Final Judgment with respect to Defendant Welsh only, (a) the Settling Defendants have consistently and vigorously denied the Futures Plaintiffs’ claims; and (b) by entering into the Settlement Agreement with the Futures Plaintiffs, the Settling Defendants do not admit and instead continue to deny that they engaged in any unlawful conduct, and that any member of the Futures Class suffered compensable damages. The District Court previously dismissed the Futures Plaintiffs’ claims without prejudice, additional motions to dismiss were filed and contemplated, and the Court (so far) has never rendered a final ruling on whether the Futures Plaintiffs have alleged valid claims nor has the Court (so far) considered all the other matters that the Futures Plaintiffs would have to establish in order to prove those claims at a trial on behalf of any class and establish damages.

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